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HOWTO create On-call Ma User Account
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Steps to create On-Call Ma User Account


1) log in to your portal. The portal URL will be in the following format <SITE CODE>, where "SITE CODE" is 3 character that was assigned to your organization (e.g:



We use "SITE CODE" to separate out all your data so it can be HIPAA compliant. Also, the username is always your email. You MUST have admin access to create an account.


2) Enter your username and password. If you logged in before and do not know your password, please use the "Forgot password?" as shown in the screenshot below.



3) To create an account, click on Admin-->Users-->Add User.



4) At the minimum, please enter the first name, last last, and email addresses. Select the role you want to provide to the user follow by clicking Submit. An email will out to the user to set their password to their account. See the image below.




Roles are created based on the company's requirements. For example, a home care agency going to have a COORDINATOR, SUPERVISOR, ADMIN, and MAKE A CALL.


The On-call Ma system never allows the administrator to change their password. The only way to change the password is to use the forgot password? link in the login screen.


Always disable users when they leave the company.





You can enable the SMS feature by assigning a phone number to the user. See the image below. If you do not have numbers to assign, please sent an email to [email protected], and will provide you with as many numbers as you need. When your employees leave, you can remove the SMS feature by removing the phone number and assign to another user. 





If you have any question, please submit a ticket to [email protected]


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