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Communicator GO Desktop and Mobile App for VoIP Phone Service
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How to Use Your Communicator Go App on your Mobile:

Communicator GO 6 by Bicom Systems


1. First, you would have to go into the app store :


Click Here for Apple App

Click Here for Android App


If using search bar search for Communicator Go and it should be the 7th version. DO NOT INSTALL ANY OTHER VERSION. 

2.When you have downloaded the app, you will receive an email on details about your new account.  The email should look something like this:



NOTE: If you do not receive an email like the one shown above, you will receive an email with a screenshot of the QR code itself and apply that on the mobile app instead.


3. There will be an option to put your username, password, host (optional) and an area to scan your QR code, once you open the mobile app (shown below). You will click on “Scan QR code” and scan your phone camera on the QR code from the email you receive. You will then have the option to change your password. 


4. This is how it will look when you open the app.  Your username will be your email address.  IT WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.  Most of the time, it will be with your work email, not your personal email. 


NOTE: If you delete the app and reinstall it, your password WILL NOT be the same.  You would then have to request for a new password and new QR code.




5. For Web app access please go to and enter your email address and the password you set while activating the mobile app. (should look like screenshot below)





6. If you are using this app on a desktop, click on whichever link applies to you below.

 Linux Desktop App

Mac iOS  Desktop App

Microsoft Windows Desktop App



If you have any other questions, please submit a ticket at or email at [email protected].  


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