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Default Quick Phone Reference
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In order to …


Call any extension

the 4-digit extension

Dial an outside number

1 + number

Transfer a call

Transfer + Ext + Transfer 


Conference + Ext + Conference

Check your voicemail (from inside the Office)

the message button OR dial *98 

Check your voicemail (remotely)

Another document will be provided (activation required)

Record emergency message (remotely)

Another document will be provided (activation required)


A note about voicemail:

  • The mailbox is the extension number. Eg, 1234.

  • Until it is changed, the default password is the extension number. Eg, 1234.

  • To setup your name and personal voicemail greeting log in to your voicemail and press 0. Follow the prompts. Please note that the name you record in this process is announced in the Dial by Name directory.


My phone does not work. What should I do?


  • Reboot the phone by unplugging and re-plugging the Ethernet cable.


Still not working?


Access Your Messages from any Phone

  • Pick up the handset and dial *98 which will then prompt you for your extension and password.

  • Enter your password (default is the extension number) and navigate through the menu based on the voice prompt instructions.

  • The phone system voice prompts guide you through the steps to create your password and initialize your mailbox. Press to save the current message.

Message Playback Options

  • Press (1) one to listen to your messages. The time date stamp and caller will be announced.

  • To repeat the current message press (5)

  • To play the previous message press (4)

  • To play the next message press (6)

  • To delete the current message press (7)

  • To undelete the message you have deleted press (7) again

  • To forward the message to another user press (8). You will be asked to enter the number of the extension where the call will be forwarded.

Saving Messages in your Mailbox

  • Press (9) to save the message. You will be given the option to save the messages in a variety of folders.

  • Press (0) for new messages

  • Press (1) for old messages

  • Press (2) for work messages

  • Press (3) for family messages

  • Press (4) for friends messages

  • Press (#) to cancel. You will be returned to the main menu.

  • Press (*) for help or to repeat the current message.


Check Save Messages in your Mailbox

  • Press (2) to select the list of the saved folder (folder list shown above-"Save Messages in your Mailbox". Thereafter following directions as if you were to check new messagesExample: Press (1) one to listen to your messages. The time date stamp and caller will be announced.

From MAIN MENU dial (0) for mailbox options

  • Press (1) to record your 'unavailable message'...Press (#) when finish recording. After recording, press (1) to accept.... (2) To listen.... (3) To re-record.

  • Press (2) To record your "Busy message'

  • Press (3) To record your name

  • Press (4) To record your temporary message

  • Press (5) To change your 'password'

  • Press (*) to return to the main menu.

Phone System Feature Codes


  • Call Forward

    • Call Forward All Activate *72

    • Call Forward All Deactivate *73

    • Call Forward All Prompting Deactivate*74

    • Call Forward Busy Activate*90

    • Call Forward Busy Deactivate*91

    • Call Forward Busy Prompting Deactivate*92

    • Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate *52

    • Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate *53


  • Do-Not-Disturb (DND)

    • DND Activate *78

    • DND Deactivate *79


  • Dial Any Voicemail *98

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