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HOWTO E-mail to SMS voip
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Now that your e-mail address is authorized (please allow 15-20 minutes for propagation), you may open your e-mail client and begin to send an outbound SMS messages. Your message must be formatted using the following syntax in the "To" field.


Here is an example with the source (ANI) and destination (DNIS) numbers included:
[email protected]

4129271343 would be the ANI, or the VoIP Innovations DID that has SMS enabled. 7403810899 is the DNIS, or destination telephone number.
The ANI and DNIS should both 10 digit numbers. The ANI must have SMS enabled through VoIP Innovations, otherwise the attempt will fail.

Here is a screenshot of what this would look like in an e-mail client:



All you need to do is send your message, and the destination will receive the SMS message.

Additional things to note:
-The body of the message is what is sent up to the first line break encountered. Please be sure to avoid line breaks, as it may result in missed text. It is recommended to keep the whole message on one line.
-Messages with a body greater than 160 characters are split on spaces and sent separately as multiple SMS messages that are less than 160 characters.
-It is not necessary to include a Subject in your e-mail. This field is ignored completely. If your mail client asks if you wish to send the message without a subject, choose yes.
-The sending e-mail address will also need to have a valid SPF record configured. Our service checks every attempt for this, and it will fail if the SPF record is not valid. For more information on SPF Records, please click here for our Wiki article on that subject.

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