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Grandstream Wave Installation on Android/iPhone Smart Phone
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Guide to Set-up GrandstreamWave (GS Wave) App on Android



  1. Download the application from Google Play Store. You can use this link to download.
    1. After installing the app on your phone and opening the app and you will see the Settings button
      Android iPhone

  2. Click on the setting icon on the bottom followed by Account Settings.
    1. After clicking on the settings icon you will see the following options. You need to click on
      account settings from there.
      Android iPhone
  3. Click on the ‘+’ button from the top right corner.
    Android iPhone

  4. Click on SIP Settings.
    Android iPhone

  5. You will be asked to enter the following:
    Android iPhone

    Your tech person will provide the following:

    Account Name:
    SIP Server: 
    SIP User ID:
    SIP Authentication ID:
    Voicemail User ID:
    Display Name: (Always leave this blank)
  6. After inputting the values click on the tick mark on the top right corner.

  7. Now you will be seeing the following screen and obviously with a green signal beside
    the extension (in this example it is 2121). If it is red signal, wait for it to be green.

    NOTE: If the does not turn green, you need to submit a ticket @ [email protected] (email should come from your company's email)

  8. Click on extension (in our example ext 2021). You will find a bunch of options, scroll through the options till you find ‘Preferred Vocoder’ under codec settings.

  9. Click on ‘Preferred Vocoder’. Select Wi-Fi from the following screen. Keep the ‘G729’
    box checked only. Uncheck the rest and click the tick mark which is on top-right place.

  10. Do the same for the 2G/3G/4G.

    Now you are ready to go

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