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HOWTO submit a ticket requesting call routing change
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Highly recommended RULES:

  1. The faster you respond to a call, the BEST customer service you will provide (eg: picking up the call on the first ring and say hello)
  2. Avoid having more than 7 rings ( or less than 25 seconds of rings)


HOWTO explains call route change request:

  • Each ring is 3 seconds.
  • Always identify how to end the call with either voicemail, hang-up/terminate, or ring forever.
  • Identify if you want the previous extension to continue ringing


Example of call route change request:

Hi, this is John from BestCompanyName. Please adjust our call route to the following:


Steps Order Action Description
1 Inbound main # 800-123-4567 rings 12 seconds - x1000  
2 Ring 9 seconds - x1000, x2000, x3000  
3 Ring 12 seconds - x1000, x3000  
4 Send to default vm x2000  


The above express first sends the call to x1000 with 4 rings followed by additional 3 rings to x1000 with x2000 and x3000. Then stop ringing to x2000 and continue another 4 rings to x1000 and x3000. Finally, if no one picks up, send the call to x2000 voicemail.


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