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HOWTO use cell phone to enable office call forwarding
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HOWTO - Shortcut to enable calling forwarding


SUMMARY: This HOWTO shows you how to enable your call forwarding remotely for DID (or a public 10-digit number) using any cell phone.


NOTE: Your need your "special code" to enable your call forwarding


1) Create a contact in your cell phone named "Office Call Forward Enable"

2) Enter the main number of your Office followed by two commas and a pound, followed by the special code. See example below



In this example we have the following:

1) Main number: 718-111-1111

2) Comma, comma, and a pound

3) Special code: 123 (NOTE: Special code can be more than 3 numbers. This code will be sent separately - most likely by google share drive.)




REQUIREMENT (This is for tech person only):

1) Must have "Time Conduction".

2) Must have an IVR

3) Must have a few seconds of recording for IVR greeting for both "during hour" and "after hour".



You can test the time condition switch by using the "Change Override" see the image below



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